Dunkin Pay: How Much Does Dunkin Pay Per Hour?

Working at Dunkin Donuts is rewarding and could pay more depending on the job and location. Stores with a smaller client base often make a smaller wage because their stores don’t generate as much revenue as those in larger cities. So what does Dunkin Donuts pay, and what are the job requirements?

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Learning what a company should pay you can be a shot in the gut for some folks. The pay could vary greatly depending on a few factors, and your dreams of financial stability could be dying on the vine. Don’t sweat it! So read on and learn all the ins and outs of jobs at Dunkin Donuts and how much they pay.

Dunkin Donuts Job Requirements and Pay Scales

Dunkin Donuts is one of the most visited spots during the morning coffee rush. They have an excellent selection of all flavors and sizes of breakfast, lunch, and dessert flavors and sizes. You might not know that they offer competitive wage packages that might have you reconsidering your current position.

Dunkin Jobs - How Much Does Dunkin Pay Per Hour

How Much Does Dunkin Pay Per Hour?

There are six areas for employment with Dunkin ranging from front-of-the-store help to managers who are constantly working behind the scenes to make the restaurants function correctly. These areas make up the workforce for Dunkin and range in everything from executive and managerial positions to part-time crew members.

The six major employment areas for Dunkin Donuts are as follows:

  • Team Member – The most populous job at Dunkin Donuts is for team member positions. Team Member positions at Dunkin average $13.38/hour. These positions are significant for first-timers and show them how Dunkin creates a team-centered atmosphere that resonates from the stores to corporate headquarters.
  • Restaurant Management – Dunkin only works for the county when we have stores staffed with competent and hard-working managers. Managers make $16/hour on average across the United States. Being a manager comes with a load of responsibility and an excellent salary in any state of the union.
  • Production – Production is the name given to the Bakers and Cake Production Operators working for Dunkin. They make delicious treats around the clock that find their way to store shelves or populate the local store. These jobs are on a low pay scale, averaging just under $9.25/hour.
  • Support Center – In the Support Center, you have a small number of jobs with a ton of responsibility. The Support Center is the home for employment like Franchise Acquisition and Asset Protection—the Support Center jobs at Dunkin average $15.72/hour. Support center jobs are few but highly desirable and handsomely rewarded.
  • Above Restaurant Management – If you are looking for an executive management position with Dunkin, you must check the Above Restaurant Management section of the Careers page. The Above Restaurant Management employees make an average of $115/hour. 

The pay per hour at Dunkin Donuts is nothing to scoff about. They provide competitively compensated packages for all of their employees. However, your job could bring much less/more than the average, depending on where you live. Larger cities with thriving stores usually have the highest pay rates.

Job Requirements for Positions at Dunkin Donuts

Now that you know what the pay scale looks like, it is time to see what you will do at work. Again, the job categories are the same, and you must remember that the pay for the position could vary greatly depending on where you work.

Some of the job tasks you will be assigned as a team member of the Dunkin Donuts staff are as follows:

  • Product Sales – Dunkin is in business to make money, and team members are the soldiers on the front lines. They will run a cash register and deal with customers as they walk in the door. These jobs involve dealing with the public, and knowing how to count money in a fast-paced environment is an advantage.
  • Cleaning – One of the essential things a Dunkin team member does is clean the store. The traffic moving in and out requires someone to maintain a clean floor, dining surfaces, and bathrooms. Cleaning will be mandatory for the team member positions, and learning the best times in your shift to clean is essential for success. 
  • Production – Making donuts is the biggest job at Dunkin. As a team member, part of your job requirement could be assisting the baker in producing several different types of donuts.

A team member is an entry-level position at Dunkin Donuts and is an excellent place for a teenager to get their feet wet with their first job or anyone looking to make ends meet in the up-and-down economy. These jobs are vital to Dunkin’s success, and your career could have different responsibilities than those listed above.

Production Job Responsibilities at Dunkin

A production job at Dunkin Donuts means you create many of the tasty treats the customers come in for. In addition, production jobs go further than team member jobs by having higher responsibility and pay.

Some of the production job responsibilities at Dunkin Donuts are as follows:

  • Baker – A baker is the person who makes the donuts, cakes, and other treats that Dunkin offers. They oversee the team members during the baking process and act as quality control for food.
  • Decorator – Some Dunkin stores have a dedicated decorator who uses icing and sauces to cover the cakes and donuts. A decorator takes specialty requests in addition to their regular job duties.
  • Barista – Coffee is one of the biggest sellers at Dunkin. Baristas are in charge of making coffee concoctions of all flavors and sizes. In addition, they have advanced knowledge of coffee and how it interacts with other flavors.

The production jobs at Dunkin are more niche than regular team member jobs and could require more experience to acquire them. By checking the Careers tab at Dunkin, you get a better idea of what is needed to get these jobs. 

The Job Requirements for Restaurant Managers at Dunkin Donuts

Being the manager of a Dunkin means you have experience in restaurant management or have climbed your way up the Dunkin ladder through years of service. However, the stakes are higher at this stage, and you are in charge of other employees and receive a wage that could be life-changing.

Some of the job responsibilities of a restaurant manager at Dunkin Donuts are as follows:

  • Hiring – The manager at Dunkin will be responsible for hiring new people to work in the store. Hiring is critical for store success, and knowing which candidates perform well in which position is a tough choice for a person to make. In addition, they do the firing in the stores when employees don’t work out.  
  • Setting Schedules – A manager is also responsible for setting the store employees’ schedules. The schedule sets the tone for the day’s operation and must be planned weeks in advance. Like hiring, setting the schedule is an important and tedious job that brings high pay with a staggering amount of responsibility.
  • Manage Staff – Keeping all the employees happy and productive is another task a restaurant manager must master. The job managers will perform at Dunkin is keeping tiny problems and rough personalities from clashing and derailing the workday.
  • Know-How – In the end, managers are paid for knowing the ins and out of how a Dunkin location operates. They know all the jobs, from the team members to the bakers and decorators. Understanding how the store works means you get paid a higher salary but know that there are times when everything depends on you.

Being a store manager means that you are in charge of every aspect that goes on within the store. Therefore, your input for creating schedules and solving personal conflicts is critical to satisfactory job performance, and their salaries are some of the most competitive in the market.

The Job Requirements for the Support Center

The Support Center at Dunkin has highly specialized jobs that you won’t find in other companies. These jobs are behind the scenes and involve creating business for the franchise or protecting the company from theft and fraud.

The jobs available for the support center at Dunkin Donuts are:

  • Asset Protection – Like other businesses Dunkin must protect itself from thieves who would take its products. Asset protection workers are working behind the scenes to ensure the integrity of workers and monitor the store through its video camera system.
  • Franchise Consultants – Franchise consultants are responsible for maintaining the business’s success by setting goals with the store. In addition, they take extra time to discuss the process with new franchisees regarding the new construction of their location.

The jobs contained in the support center profile are varying and complex. They deal with the work that makes new franchise locations appear and thrive. In addition, they protect stores from theft and ensure customer satisfaction.

The Job Requirements for Above Restaurant Leadership

The above leadership jobs at Dunkin Donuts are highly paid and sought after. There aren’t many variations to the job, and it is one of the company’s most straightforward-sounding positions.

The main job available for the above restaurant leadership is as follows:

  • District Manager – District management means several stores in one area are under your control. You will work with the store managers to ensure they have the tools to succeed and make a profit.
  • Network Trainer – The network trainer is the person who makes sure that everyone knows their role when working in a Dunkin. They are influential leaders who are upbeat, cheerful while being knowledgeable and personable.

Above restaurant leadership jobs are gratifying. They allow you to grow an area of established stores into a revitalized range of stores that provide new products and options for their customers. In addition, trainers impact how the company operates and can effect changes on any level of the corporate structure.

How Much Does Dunkin Donuts Pay 16-year-olds?

If you’re 16, your wage will equal anyone with experience. Dunkin prides itself on creating jobs in every category, but if you’re 16, some jobs could be out of reach. Dunkin is a good place for 16-year-olds to get their feet wet. They don’t hire anyone under 16.

How Much Does Dunkin Pay in Florida, Texas, and California?

Working for Dunkin in Florida, Texas, and California puts you in front of some of the most populous states in the country. Yet, they pay well for these positions, and the job responsibilities remain unchanged. Also, these jobs are in high-traffic states and could be in some of the largest money-producing stores in the United States.

Florida Wages at Dunkin Donuts

The wages for workers at Dunkin Donuts in Florida average $11.68/hour for team members and $16.56/hour for management. The job offerings in Florida are numerous, and their locations stretch from the panhandle to the keys.

Texas Pays its Dunkin Donuts Employees Well

In the Lone Star State, serving delicious donuts at Dunkin is a smart career choice. Texas Dunkin Donuts averages $11.96/hour for crew members and $14.15/hour for shift leaders. In addition, the customer service jobs in Texas are some of the most highly rated and rewarded in the state. 

Working at a California Dunkin is a Fantastic Idea

California Dunkin Donuts locations are some of the most highly paid positions in the company. The average for team members is $15.62/hour, and management makes $20.17. In addition, they have delivery driver hourly wages that top management in some areas.


Dunkin Donuts is a well-known company that provides steady positions in its stores to people aged 16 and older. The team member positions are front-of-the-house jobs requiring light cleaning and serving customers. In addition, there are managerial positions available that give you tons of responsibility and a nice-sized paycheck.

When working at Dunkin Donuts in Florida, Texas, and California, they provide some of the most rewarding salaries for stores with the highest traffic in Dunkin Corporation. No matter what job you choose, Dunkin is a company that treats its employees like family. 


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